Boundaries are the Result of Individuation, and not the Cause

boundariesBoundaries are a great concept for self-preservation in theory, but they are only possible when a person is free from enmeshment.  Any and all boundaries attempted while enmeshed are actually laws and rules meant to keep a person safe within an enmeshed reality; they require fighting dominance with dominance, even if it is in a supposed enlightened and spiritualized form.  A person without boundaries needs to enact laws and create rules in an attempt to keep them safe and free, and then they must constantly monitor and defend their rules to ensure that others do not cross them, however, those with true boundaries don’t need to enforce or voice them, as boundary encroachments just do not happen to them, they are always safe and free.

Natural consequences will always occur (instant karma) to people who try to infringe on the boundaries of others when the natural process is allowed, but when people try to enforce their own boundaries with actions, they must fight force with force, which is punishment.  Additionally, inaction, and other forms of rescuing people from the natural consequences of boundary crossing, are also unhealthy and prolongs the suffering of all involved; neither punishment nor inaction/rescuing are the solution.

A lack of personal boundaries is the main symptom of enmeshment, while firm personal boundaries is the key indicator of individuation and sovereignty.  Boundaries are not something that can be placed through actions though, as actions are the result of the being state and not the cause of it—no, boundaries are the consequence of shadow work, integration, and individuality, and are thus the state of being I AM.

~Nathan & Aline




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