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body-armor-tantraArmor, which is tenseness and hardness in the muscles and connective tissue, is built up in the body and genitals as a result of stress, trauma, and other limiting patterns of relating, whether it is emotional, spiritual, or physical.  In Tantra, many people utilize acupressure to release armor in the genitals, called de-armoring, to allow for a more sensual and relaxed experience during sex.  Tension peak orgasms, which are localized around the penis or clitoris, are a major contributing factor to genital armor, but they are still an effect of a faulty emotional pattern of relating, and not the cause.

While full body massages can address muscular armor, and modalities like Rolfing can address armor in the connective tissue, they are not capable of addressing the emotional causes of why the armor built up in the first place.  We have found that EFT, shadow work, and our Unity Process are quite effective at this, for both genital and physical armor, and it seems to be more permanent than acupressure, because it is going to the root causes rather than trying to remedy the effects.

Additionally, there may be layers of emotional insights needed to fully remove the armor, which takes time, and a lot of people would rather remove the effects than invest the necessary time and energy into resolving the root causes.  In our lives, as well as those of our clients, we have noticed that most of the sexual growth and progress has come from removing emotional blocks and causes, rather than from learning new techniques or dealing with the effects.

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