Belief in God?

We are not religious, we are however in a relationship with God, we know our Creator intimately. We can hear God as effortlessly as we hear each other speak, and we can speak to God as effortlessly as we speak to each other; and we can do this because we have developed our ability to relate harmoniously together. Human relationships are a mirror of our relationship to God, it will never be better or worse than our own tangible connections to our Self, friends, family, and with our mate. This is why we teach RELATIONSHIPS to our clients, because it ALWAYS strengthens their relationship to God when they mature their own intimacy infrastructures.

We believe that each other exists, but that doesn’t make us close or faithful to one another, our ability to relate to each other in a healthy way is what matters; and so it is with humanity and God. Belief in God is pointless, as pointless as belief in your partner; intimacy is what matters most, refine your intimacy infrastructure and you will strengthen every relationship you have, even that with your Divine Source.

~Nathan & Aline



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