Being Present is the Gift

“Being present is the gift, no action can equal the gift of being present with another person. We’ve gotten it backwards in our society, and it’s time that we change that; actions result from being, actions do not secure being. I’ll be here now with you, and you can be here now with me, and that is how we’ll be together.” ~Nathan & Aline

Humanity uses actions to make money, which we then use to buy things that will “be” with us, like a house, a car, or even a partner. Money, sex, romance, etc., are a bridge, conduit, and pipe between two beings, but we understand them as the token of our securing safety and approval, rather than the connector that links us together; we’re obsessed with the symbol of connection rather than the being that we can connect to. We say that we will only be present with another if they earn our trust and love with romance, money, sex, freedom, safety, or any other intimate connector that we perceive as valuable, and reject them should they stop showing us our perceived value with such payoffs. We see ourselves as a valuable, or cheap, depending on how we were raised, object that can be purchased by the highest bidder, and not as the infinite (priceless) being that we actually are.

Instead, we can learn how to be present with others, and then they will react to our presence with the intimate connecting action that is most appropriate within each unique relationship. When we can be this, we will cease to see ourselves or others as a thing that can be purchased with hard work, and instead recognize them for the infinitely valuable person that they are; a house becomes a being that we can co-create with, technology is a being that we can co-create with, a tree is a being that we can co-create with, and our partner is a being that we can co-create with. Their doing will reflect our being with connecting actions, and our doing will reflect their being with connecting actions – this ease of co-creation is unity consciousness.



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