Bee Mine, Valentine in 2014!

Bee Mine Valentine!On this Valentines Day, may we reflect on who we are and what we have, and dedicate to love ourselves more by seeking to understand who we are. Intimacy is of the heart, and thus is a state of being and not a doing, it does not come through doing loving actions, but by asking “why” we/they feel how we/they feel, “why” we/they have the experience that we/they have, and “why” we/they are the way we/they are, and then listening and receiving with our heart to understand ourselves and them.

Today and everyday, instead of putting all of your focus on doing romantic things, try putting more focus on being romantic through connecting to your inner Self with understanding, which will in turn reflect in your actions and external relationships, romantic and otherwise.

Happy Valentines Day!

~Nathan & Aline



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