Avoiding Being Present Through Presence

Being a professional EFT practitioner and working with emotions for several years, with literally thousands upon thousands of hours exploring emotional patterns, pain, and suffering, we can definitely attest that it is imperative to meditate with the intent to understand your Self, especially your emotional dark side. Clearing emotional pain with understanding creates a clear mind, body, and spirit, while meditating to clear the mind without attempting to understand your Self, we have found to be emotional and spiritual escapism, aka, Robert Augustus Masters’ term “spiritual bypassing”.

presence -isnt-presenceUnderstanding deepens a person’s capacity to be present in the moment, as being present isn’t truly presence when it is avoiding being present with the pain, suffering, and unconscious patterns that are surfacing. If you’re only being present with small parts of you, are you truly being present? To us, this is not awareness, nor a spiritual practice that will bring enlightenment, it is a spiritual excuse to avoid personal responsibility; a practice that reinforces separation, instead of building a bridge to Oneness.

For this reason, when done for the purpose of creating Self-awareness, we feel that EFT can be an effective form of meditation, although there are many effective ways to meditate when the purpose is to become more Self-aware. Being present with all of us, not just the light and fluffy parts of ourselves, is of course a Jungian approach to spirituality, one that we personally practice moment by moment in our life.

Lots of Love,
Nathan & Aline

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