Attached to Saving and Being Saved

When a person asks for a favor from a place of need, it automatically becomes a burden to the one it is requested from; it is impossible to experience co-creation from a place of need. Needy people are not responsible, and thus need to be saved from their inability to be responsible, so they make requests of potential saviors for assistance. A savior can willingly take the burdens from others, since they see it as compassion and a chance to gain approval, or they can do it reluctantly to avoid their guilt and fear of rejection. The savior may think they are being loving, compassionate, and doing a so-called good deed of service, however, they are enabling the neediness of those they’re saving, and doing so for selfish reasons.

Yes avoiding guilt, rejection, or trying to gain approval are all selfish and service to self, not service to the All; both the saved and the savior are selfish and only thinking of themselves — under the guise of kindness, love, and compassion. Thus, in all actuality, saved AND savior are BOTH selfish AND needy, as they need each other to take an aspect of each other’s responsibility to cope and survive. One is overtly needy and a covert savior, while the other is an overt savior and covertly needy; they exist as two sides of the same coin in their drama.

There are also those beings that act as if they are not needy at all, and behave as if they are entitled to the help of those they consider needy, and treat them as a resource to be exploited and consumed. Those beings are not just in denial, they are absolutely unaware of their predatory nature that stems from their neediness. While cattle or sheep may need a shepherd to protect and feed them, a predator needs prey to feed upon to survive, what better way then to dominate and keep their prey domesticated for their own selfish needs? This becomes especially problematic when the predator poses as the savior, as its means of domesticating its “sheople”. The predator acts like a savior, but deep down, has become the villain to avoid their irresponsible inner victim; meaning, they have gone further into their own lie to avoid their irresponsibility.

A being that is in service to the All is not needy, nor are they prone to interfering through saving others who might be needy, rather they act as trusted advisers who answer only the questions that are asked, and not more. They are able to inspire needy people to understand their irresponsibility better, so that they may become more self-aware and responsible without interfering, which is the definition of true compassion and love. It’s not just about saying no to needy people and letting them suffer, but it is about letting them experience the natural consequences of their reasoning and choices, so that they might learn rather than continue on in their folly. Needy people do not learn from being rescued, they just become more entitled (hold title over, as in owning property) and addicted to being rescued.

The inhabitants of this world have the opportunity to rise above their dysfunctional savior/saved duality, to instead become creators and co-creators in service to the All. While the choice is coming to everyone, many will miss hearing the call because they will be too immersed in their spiritual, emotional, and physical neediness to hear it. Those who yearn to take responsibility will ground further into their bodies to experience being human in a deeper more profound way, but those who don’t will be allowed to experience the logical (and natural) consequences of their neediness, so that they too can finally understand responsibility. The first group gets to do it the easy way, while the latter gets to experience it the hard way. Which choice will you make, will you take responsibility over your life and stop enabling others, or will you choose to save and be saved?

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