Ask And You Shall Receive

Why?Geometry is the study of the relationship of one object to another, it is the math of relationship; and EVERYTHING is relationship. When we speak of the feminine and masculine, we are not talking about gender differences or societal stereotypes, we are speaking of a geometric relationship between the “being state” and the “doing state”, Creator and Creation, that is inherent within all manifested and unmanifested life.

There is a masculine (child) and a feminine (parent) inside each of us. The masculine is the action, creation, animalistic, body part of us that holds our life force energy on this planet, while the feminine is the thinking, contemplating, creating part of us. Our feelings are felt by both, and connect us together, but are contemplated by the feminine, and they support the masculine in his actions. Sadly enough, in duality, the emotions have become a tool of manipulation used by the feminine (parent) to get her desired actions from the masculine (child). It is the fear that accompanies the survival instinct that causes the feminine to look at the masculine as a villain that she must protect herself from.

Because there is a miscommunication between the masculine (child) and the feminine (parent), the feminine being state (parent) has the misconception that she has to rule over the masculine action state (child) to keep creation in order. She comes up with ‘the rules’, those she decides upon herself without consulting the masculine, and reinforces them by use of negative and positive reinforcement on the masculine action (child). This way, the behavior modifies to the wishes of the feminine (parent), either by gifting the masculine (child) with wanted emotions (positive reinforcement, approval), or punishing them with unwanted emotions (negative reinforcement, rejection and punishment). This is a struggle since the rules are not enforced easily, for the lack of respect towards the masculine makes him feel panicked and in constant resistance to her controlling dictates.

Since the feminine has an understanding of the ‘big picture’, she mistakenly believes that it is her task to rule her masculine because she believes that he would otherwise run rampant and destroy everything with his unaware actions. It is true that the feminine has her unique task of ‘ASKING’ the masculine to do certain actions, but it is also her task to be completely transparent in her asking, allowing the masculine to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. When he has answered she can thank him for being there in her life and for responding and then she can proceed with her task.

If the answer is yes, the behavior will modify, and the masculine does this with great love for his feminine, since he is not pushed or forced into this action. If the answer is no, then the feminine must retreat into her own unique task and do what she does best : Ask WHY. For this to be able to work, she has to understand that no action is coincidental or pointless, and if she is confronted with a painful or disturbing action, it must mean that she created it (by asking for or agreeing to it) at some point in her life. When she can see and honor this truth at all times, she can start working with the masculine part of herself, as well as the masculine aspect in others. Whether the masculine answers yes or no is of no consequence to his value as her masculine, he is just showing her what she has intentionally, or unintentionally, created as an action (which means she has at some point ‘asked for it’).

Children and animals are all masculine energy (creation), they act out the energy of the feminine being states (creator) that are around them, and therefore they are perfect mirrors! A child grows into being a creator, but starts out as a creation; being only action and enmeshed with the outside feminine creator that are his parents and family/society. As a soul, he has decided to emerge from his family, and take on the patterns that his generational family line has, so he exposes his pliable feminine state to the feminine state of his family through enmeshment. He is exposed, up until the age of 8 or so, to the feminine of his family, afterwards he is sufficiently patterned, and has the choice as a creator to ‘work himself out of this patterning through inner work. A lot of people don’t, and just keep repeating, or resisting, what they have learned from their surroundings when they were a child.

For Example : If a child runs up and hits you, it is not beneficial to punish him (which would be negative reinforcement) nor is it beneficial to give him what he wants all the time to keep him from acting out (which would be positive reinforcement). Both are manipulations, and they are degrading to the masculine, not honoring the job he has AND not allowing the masculine a chance to CHOOSE.

As the feminine, instead you can ask yourself WHY this action is ‘happening to you’, or better yet, ‘WHY YOU created this action’ in the first place. The understanding that this brings will automatically lift you from being a victim, and will relieve the masculine child from the role of your villain. In addition, it is beneficial to do simply ask what action you want! You should do this without manipulative intent, or holding information back, which disempowers the masculine to give a fully conscious answer. To make this process work, the feminine cannot feel victimized with the actions that she is confronted with. If she wants to change them, she needs to take full responsibility of the creation that is already present, and by doing that, she gains the ability to alter it.

The question can be asked telepathically since there is no static of hidden agendas and such and the answer will be just as straight forward. The child can chose to stop. And you will be surprised how often it just takes asking without degrading the value of the masculine to get a positive result in which you are now co creating for the betterment of both. Holding back the freedom of the masculine, by secretly manipulating him into a system that is being constructed in the shadows, is disregarding his free will, it is extremely degrading and unloving; the masculine creation will only resist in fear of the unknown, and in the knowledge that he is not valued by his feminine.

This goes for children and animals alike. Nobody asks the cows if it is okay for us to eat them. There is a story about nomads walking around in the desert, who needed food and asked the Divine for meat. After a couple of hours, a herd of wild cows walked by and one cow strays from the herd, walks over to the nomads, and kneels before them, to show that he is willing to be eaten. This was his choice alone, and he made it freely.

How can we as humans not be grateful and feel bonded with an animal when such a thing occurs! This is not a sacrifice on the part of the animal, and this is not selfishness on the part of the human, this is a pure co-creation between the two! There is an abundance of respect, love, and gratitude involved in this story, and we need to remove ourselves from our fear of survival long enough to realize that everything we could possibly want, shall be given to us if we just ask…

Ask, and you shall receive.



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