Are they my Soulmate or an Emotional Attachment?

Many people get stuck on their path to find their One by attaching themselves to the wrong one. They know in their heart of hearts that he or she is their One, but in fact they have found the one that represents their attachments to how they think their One should be, not how they actually are. It is their false images and attachments that blinds them to the truth, causing them to stay stuck in a negative feedback loop, which is a self-perpetuating false reality and prison. That which they desire to experience is blocked by their desire to experience it, as their desire has been conflated with impurities and false images along their journey.

However, it is by untangling the knots and associations within their desires that opens them up to the actual manifestation of their union. To discover their true One, it is imperative to understand “why” they are imprisoned within their limiting feedback loop, which is done through examining their emotional, physical, and spiritual attachments to what they believe their One should look like. Once done, they can let go of their should’s, leave their self created prison, and meet their true One.

~Nathan & Aline

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