Another Polarity vs Duality Clarification

Businessman on a chessboard,walk from the capsized dummiesFrom our perspective, a polarity is two forces that work in union together to create a child, and then the three flow as One, but a duality is a synthetic construct and false reality where one of the three is removed, causing the other two to fight between each other… for example, the government (child), liberals (mother), and conservatives (father).  The three forces are meant to work together, but somehow the runaway child (creation) is now in charge and the people fight against each other in how to deal with the petulant child, whom they perceive as the author(ity) of their lives. In short, dualities fight against one another, while polarities co-create in union together.

Whereas polarity is an aspect of natural law and non-negotiable, duality is an unnatural tangent where beings must first enter into an agreement to experience it.

Aline and I are not here for the simple experience of duality to make us grow, although maybe that is what some people have been told in order to get them to recycle here; we’re here to experience the three working in Unity as One — our masculine, feminine, and the manifested creation.  We might add that the parasitic beings currently holding title to this planet are not bound by duality, they are a type of neutral being; they are neither dark nor light, but something else altogether, just as the Christ consciousness beings are also neither dark nor light, but also hold a neutral disposition. Mastery requires balance of the Hermetic principles of correspondence, gender, polarity, and rhythm, therefore neither are polarized as light or dark. (Consequently, light and dark are a polarization that have come to represent good and evil, but they are at their roots polarities that were bastardized into a duality.)

The closest thing that we have come to understand about the Neutral Evil (for lack of a better word) and True Neutral dispositions (for those with a D&D background), is that the Neutral Evil disposition has found a balance from the outside-in, while the True Neutral disposition has found their balance from the inside-out. It is our opinion that the True Neutral disposition is the most natural and authentic of the neutral experiences available to beings, and as such, the most closely aligned with nature. Also, True Neutral is expansive while Neutral Evil is entropic, and will eventually collapse in upon itself, ie, its logical conclusion is that it is not sustainable because it must feed outside-in, whereas a True Neutral can generate with infinite potential from the inside-out.

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