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aline-van-meer-2014We all have angels, guides, and a higher-self, but most of us don`t experience this connection in daily life because of the veil of separation. This session gives you an opportunity to reconnect to the higher energy of the Angels and your own higher self, which is a vibration that is above the human collective. It is the vibration of who you are, where your higher-self resides, your angelic self. From this vibration you are able to connect to your multidimensional self and loved ones in this and any other dimension they are currently in. A reconnection to this vibration allows more divine love and light into your experience, and to find answers for questions that cannot be found within the earthly collective. Above all, it gives you more understanding in your everyday life, and a sense of continual divine support that cannot be felt in separation.

When I do an Angelic Reconnection, I connect my angels to your angels and allow the both of us to lift energetically out of all the patterns that might be rotating slower (duality blocks), so that the energy patterns can get healed.  This is all at an energetic level and does not require any talking. When we do a session over Skype, I ask you to sit comfortably, or even lie down, so that you can let the Angels do their work.  I normally do this in hands on sessions, but Skype works well too.

After the energetic part, you can ask questions to your angels, and I will give you the answers that I am allowed to receive.  It is very important to understand that not everything is available to me, just what is most important to you and for the highest good for your current development.  The results are more flow and ease in your life, but besides that, it is really unique to each person, and therefore I cannot predict what each person’s results will be.

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