Actions Without Understanding

Questions & AnswersThe epiphany is the convergence of the masculine’s “why” heart questions and his feminine’s “why” heart answers; it is the specific moment of understanding between them. An action without this divine union is just another empty behavior, for understanding breeds connection, and connection is relationship. Without the “why” questions, answers, and epiphany, there is no understanding, and without understanding, there is no relationship or intimacy. It’s time to catch up our relationships and slow down our actions; to do this, ask more “why” and less “how” questions, it’s just that simple. ~Nathan & Aline

UPDATE:  1/15/2013 – I was asked to define why we need to ask “why” more and “how” less?  What is the purpose of asking “why” more?  What is an example of “how” to ask “why” more?

The conclusion in this particular post is to ask more “why” questions and to ask less “how” questions…to seek understanding more, to upgrade your/our wisdom (wise action), until the actions are upgraded sufficiently to pull in higher vibrating solutions.

Old “how” solution: Get a job. 
Intermediate “how” solution: Start a private business.
New “how” solution: Instantly create all of your needs. 

Asking why don’t I have this ability to instantly create, and then reverse engineering the problem, is the role and job of “why” questions. The dissatisfaction found from the old “how” answers lead to asking “why” does this feel bad to me? “Why” am I not satisfied with this current “how” solution? And doing the dirty work for hours, days, months, and years to come into a more powerful, sovereign “how” solution.  ~Nathan



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