3rd, 4th, & 5th Density Love

Entwined heartsThe earth is getting ready to shift into 4th Density Love, which is based on truth instead of the 3rd Density equivalent based upon fear and deceit.  Lies are needed in 3rd Density love because the pain of the truth is too much to experience for many people, they would rather believe their fictional fairy tale than feel the very real suffering that underlies the damage and pain that are present.  Truth based love is a transition period that allows for healing the traumas that were created within duality, it’s an honest look at what is really there and what is being felt; it is being present with the pain that the dimension of duality has wrought on each individual.  Coming to grips with the truth of one’s feelings and desires, and what programs created them, is the first step in the process, while learning to feel, integrate, and neutralize the feelings is the next step; both steps are a part of what is called “Mirror Work” or “Shadow Work”.

This shift is coming soon in the form of a solar event and will cause the “truth to be known”, it is an energy change of our planet that will support the revelations and disclosure coming out, and assist those who wish to heal the wounds that the truth will reveal.  Although the truth will be made known to all who desire to see it, not everyone will let go of their pride enough to experience the change fully.  Pride and shame will still be very much in effect after this shift, as 4th density consciousness is still within the rule of duality; it is just a lighter, less dense version of it.  Without the truth as a foundation, it is impossible to acknowledge the pain, suffering, and patterns that no longer serve our survival, for lies deny that a problem even exists; it is impossible to build upon a foundation of lies.  Knowing and feeling the truth, within and without, is the foundation that can set you free from the dimension of duality, which is the “knowledge of good and evil”, “right and wrong”, and all opposing forces of dual polarity.

Although 4th Density Love is coming, those who are ready and have already done the work of 4th Density cleansing while in a 3rd Density society, 5th Density Love will now be available–the Divine Marriage.  The Divine Union between the masculine and feminine energies is a fusion of love between the two, moving one from the dualistic polarity of positive and negative, and into a mono-polarity with a neutral charge.  This is a restoration to the wholeness prior to the drop written about in the Adam and Eve Garden of Eden story.  It is an undoing of the curses that humanity has lived with since the original choice to drop in consciousness, and a healing of the original susceptibility to pride through the desire to be “like God”, especially since humanity was already created in His image and therefore “like Him”.  This new wholeness will be more perfect than the first unity, as humanity will no longer feel the loneliness that led to the original split of the masculine and feminine, nor will we ever again be susceptible to pride.

The Divine Marriage first happens within the Self, within one’s own masculine and feminine, and will be manifested physically in their relationships, as they fuse to the soul partner that most resembles their own soul, to experience Unity.  Outward romantic relationships reflect inward soul composition, any attempts to marry the ONE without first being the ONE are impossible.  The Divine Marriage is not a marriage to all people, it is not marriage to one person, it is not monogamous, nor is it polyamorous, it is Oneness.

Oneness is a consciousness level and is lighter and less dense than the 3rd and 4th Density duality consciousness levels.  Other terms for Oneness consciousness are:

Oneness = Unity = Divine Marriage = Divine Union = Uniqueness = Intimacy = Interconnected = God Self-Realization = Marriage of the Lamb

5th Density Love and the Divine Marriage is a harmonious balance between all life and life cycles within the universe, it is interconnected to everything in a way that makes it impossible to consume, drain, or harm other sovereign life.  Although other non-sovereign beings may feel jealous of and aggressive towards a 5th Density being, it would be to their own detriment, as all attempts to harm them would be reflected back on themselves, unless the sovereign beings chose to experience harm as a dharmic/conscious act.  Those who are not living a sovereign life are in a figurative “Unconditional Love Bubble” in relationship to the sovereign beings, for all of their actions, attitudes, and beliefs will be reflected back almost immediately; meaning that they will get to experience, see, and feel what they are putting out into the universe when in a 5th Density being’s presence.

Those who live life at the level of unity consciousness will experience a life of creation, being able to mold and shape their destiny, as well as the capacity to manifest something out of nothing with their thoughts, intentions, and words; while those in the more dense consciousness levels are still seeking knowledge, which can only be attained through uncreation.

“Humanity’s current ability to create is actually just the opposite, it’s an ability to uncreate; uncreation is the process of reverse engineering that which is already created to make something that mimics the real thing.  This is what science, philosophy, art, and religion does, it studies and dissects the universe, both physical and spiritual, in order to gain the knowledge necessary to manipulate and mimic it.  Knowledge is obtained through uncreation, and is thus contrary to creation, and this obsession for knowledge actually drives people further and further from their creative birthright, for they must continue to consume, dissect, and ruin that which is already created in order to build even more advanced ‘Frankenstein monsters’ and counterfeit creations.” Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

In addition to a conscious and creative life, they will also experience a life of ease and God Self-Realization, sometimes called “God Realized”; which carries with it what society currently sees as super powers.  Things like having the perfect body, eyesight, hearing, awareness, health, super strength, telekinesis, teleportation, flight, walking on water, healing abilities, levitation, inter-dimensional travel, and more, are available to 5th Density love beings.  Pride wants such abilities to feed it’s egoic self-aggrandized worth, while shame is afraid of such abilities, but these powers are reserved for those who have realized their divine nature and internal connection to God, as well as their purity of spirit and intent, as a state of being.

The earth’s shift from the 3rd to 4th Density will support anybody that is already having a 4th Density experience, and who wish to transition to a 5th Density consciousness life.  Our upcoming book, “And the Two Became the One” is meant to assist those who are in either 3rd or 4th Density consciousness, to transition and cross the bridge to the 5th Density Divine Marriage within Self.  We look forward to sharing this bridge with you, our brothers and sisters, when the timing is right and after the event has come.



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