Avoiding Being Present Through Presence

presence -isnt-presence

Being a professional EFT practitioner and working with emotions for several years, with literally thousands upon thousands of hours exploring emotional patterns, pain, and suffering, we can definitely attest that it is imperative to meditate with the intent to understand your Self, especially your emotional dark side. Clearing emotional pain with understanding creates a clear mind, body, and spirit, while meditating to clear the mind without attempting to understand your Self, we have found to […]
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From Sick Compassion to Wholeness

There is a level of giving to others, a type of sick compassion, where one person feels a lack within themselves, but because they are patterned as outside-in, are not able to feel it as an internal something that they are lacking. These particular people will find others who have a similar lack and give to them, attempting to fix the external mirror that is trying to show them their own internal emptiness. Understanding the […]
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The Circular Flow of the Divine Marriage


The feminine brings understanding to her masculine, her heart is her giving organ from the divine, while the masculine offers wisdom to his feminine, his genitals are his giving organ from the earth; this is the circular flow of the Divine Marriage. –Nathan & Aline
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“How” to Ask Yourself “Why” Questions


Did you know that you create your own reality? As a child, you pull in the limiting patterns and beliefs from your parents, schools, society, and family of origin, through your experiences and interactions with them; these patterns become unconscious rules to live by, which are repeated for the rest of your life. The feelings that you experience are the messengers that reflect (like a mirror) back to you what your expectations, patterns, rules, and […]
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Many Realities, but Only One Truth

“There are many realities and paths, but there is only One Truth, and it is found through connecting into your One unique path to your Creator Source within.” ~Nathan & Aline
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Morality, Duality, Purity, and Unity


Here is a new pattern that we discovered that demonstrates how the chakra system and the poles relate…that there are two different combination of root/heart poles, one dualistic and one in unity. This first graphic is the duality version, where the heart pole is the top four chakras, and the root pole is the bottom two chakras, with the third chakra controlling everything—this is known as the ego. In the second graphic to the right […]
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Debt Based Relationships


Polyamory is akin to creative financing with 3rd density love (based in approval, disapproval, and rejection) as the currency, it is taking out a loan to pay off an old debt, which gives the illusion of debt relief and extends the loan default to another day. Debt based economics, whatever the currency may be, is still based in overspending that which you do not have, it is playing within limited boundaries with limited resources, where […]
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Looking Outside to Fix the Inside


“If people start owning their own shame, then they stop taking it out on others. So much anger and aggression stems from this. It is looking outside to “fix” an inside “problem”, and that is impossible. To change this world and stop attacking one another, they must their your own feelings inside about themselves. Becoming fully aware of them, honoring them, and accepting them, then they can let them go, and the world changes.” ~Bonnie […]
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EFT Certification Courses

Hive Certification EFT Level 1

EFT Level 1 Practitioner Course: Since our brand of EFT is founded in Self-discovery and integration of the shadow side within, we feel that changing the being is much more important than giving you action based exercises and techniques that merely change your doing. We feel that experiential understanding and Self-awareness are the most important aspect of an EFT practitioner, not your book knowledge and technical smarts, therefore we assist you in releasing the emotional, […]
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Bee Mine, Valentine in 2014!

Bee Mine Valentine!

On this Valentines Day, may we reflect on who we are and what we have, and dedicate to love ourselves more by seeking to understand who we are. Intimacy is of the heart, and thus is a state of being and not a doing, it does not come through doing loving actions, but by asking “why” we/they feel how we/they feel, “why” we/they have the experience that we/they have, and “why” we/they are the way […]
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Your Superhero Lies Within


“On some level, humanity feels that they need superheroes to defeat the evil “out there”, powerful external beings to oppose the external threats to their security, happiness, and general well being. Ironically though, it is only after a person conquers their own evil within, through the transformative power of understanding, that they are able to experience such superhuman powers; their superhero is not out there, it lies within.” ~Nathan & Aline
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Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual Bypassing

Having an enlightened ego, what Robert Augustus Masters calls “spiritual bypassing“, is the tendency of the ego to hide behind spirituality and enlightened actions and language to protect itself from being seen or eradicated.  In what ways has your ego played the enlightenment game of spiritual bypassing?  Do you avoid your pain to act enlightened and spiritual?  Why do you think you do this? “What spiritual bypassing (the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with our […]
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Happiness is a ‘State of Being’, not a ‘State of Doing’

man shouting at mad woman in the mirror

Behind the fallacy of changing what you are ‘doing’ to be happy is the limiting belief that you can ‘do’ something to be happy in the first place, as happiness is a state of ‘being’ and not a state of ‘doing’. Changing what you’re ‘doing’ is a temporary distraction until you figure out that you’re still just as unhappy after the change. Only Self-understanding and awareness can trigger a change in your ‘being’, and for […]
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