Problems Speaking My Truth – EFT Tapping Video

Bouton lecture

In this video, Nathan speaks about the “why” and the “how”, and why it is important to understand our actions, instead of just finding a different solution. He also answers a blog reader’s question about their own current struggles, and provides a 17 minute EFT tapping session to assist in reaching a deeper understanding.   Read more »

Why We Resist God


We resist the idea of God and become bored with the religious practices associated with him/her, not because God is boring, but because we relate to God in the way that we related to our parents and elders as children; as an authority figure in a hierarchical (pyramid) system. If our authority figures were domineering and controlling in even the most subtle of ways, there will be a natural tendency to resist such tyranny to […] Read more »

Projecting Our Inner Hate onto Others


It is easy to find out what you hate about yourself by looking at the mirrors in your life, namely, the people that trigger you.  Are you really mad at them, or are you upset at what they are showing you about yourself? “The unnamed night wrestler of Genesis 32 represents a dimension of ourselves that has been rejected and labeled as “evil other.”  It comes back to injure and maim us during the night. […] Read more »

Actions Without Understanding

Questions & Answers

The epiphany is the convergence of the masculine’s “why” heart questions and his feminine’s “why” heart answers; it is the specific moment of understanding between them. An action without this divine union is just another empty behavior, for understanding breeds connection, and connection is relationship. Without the “why” questions, answers, and epiphany, there is no understanding, and without understanding, there is no relationship or intimacy. It’s time to catch up our relationships and slow down […] Read more »


To compare Monogamy vs Polyamory is to stop asking “why” and to look for a “how” to fix the problem far too soon; it ends the conversation long before real understanding arrives. What people really crave is intimacy and unity, and those who have been disillusioned by Monogamy attempt to try something new, like Polyamory, in the hopes of finding the elusive connection that they feel is missing from their hearts…but it too fails. Both […] Read more »

More Healthy Relationships


Having healthy, fully functioning relationships is not a luxury or something just for the rare few: It needs to become a reality for enough of us to significantly impact the majority. The shift required is from fragmentation to wholeness, from frozen yesterday to fluidly alive now, from numbness to full feeling, from alienation to compassion, from reactivity to responsiveness, from genderized stand-offs to mutually respectful coexistence — making full-spectrum intimacy possible. ~Robert Augustus Masters Read more »

Guilt is the Food of Addiction

Guilt is the food of addiction; when you transmute your guilt into awareness, you will starve your addictions and they will fade away.  Guilt is a misrepresentation of awareness, so when you become aware of your patterns, cravings, etc., you can then change those patterns.  Simply feeling guilty about the results that the patterns create is not productive, for guilt actually causes the patterns to become entrenched and to continue, while awareness whittles them away. […] Read more »

Lack of Awareness

Humanity does not suffer from a lack of compassion, but rather a lack of awareness in their compassion; there is a lack of understanding the root causes of their problems, and not a lack of action.  Instead of asking “how can we fix this problem?”, it will be beneficial to ask “why is this problem here in the first place?”, and then continue asking “why” until the emotional roots of the issue has been discovered […] Read more »

Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

This is pretty much spot on…we would like to add, that the “why” questions are the discernment that he speaks of, any being that will give you a “how” answer without an extremely intricate set of “why” questions and answers, is from the (false) light. All channelings that are about a “how” solution, or give a shallow “why” answer, please be suspect of. This article matches our own feelings on the light vs darkness stuff […] Read more »

Individuation Breaks a Person Free

“Individuation breaks a person free from societal sameness and conditioning and into their own unique and special functions within the greater societal whole. This is much like the different unique parts and functions within a tree — the roots, trunk, branches, and leaves are all unique functions; one is not exalted, better, or dominant over another, but they are all one through the support that they synergistically give to each other within the overall tree […] Read more »

Why Are Things the Way they Are?


Asking more “how” questions and providing more “how” answers is just shifting the problem “from here to there”. The real solution lies in people who are able to start asking a series of “why” questions about “why we are the way we are”, and not being satisfied with the first few levels of “why” answers. Shallow “why” answers to promote more dissatisfying “how” answers is more of the same. Each person must start asking the […] Read more »

Cheat Proof Your Relationship

Questions & Answers

The way to “cheat proof” your relationship is through asking the right questions, which pulls the answers your way. For the masculine to feel safe, his heart must ask as many “why” questions as he can, which will keep his feminine heart answering his questions, instead of the “why” questions of other men. For the feminine to feel safe, she must open up her root pole and ask as many “how’ questions as she can, […] Read more »

A Life without Compromise

Compromise is two people meeting in the middle of their “how” questions and answers, but “why” questions and answers will ultimately allow both to experience life without giving something up to satisfy the other, ending the need for compromise.  To experience a life without compromising your Self while still connecting to people, you must master the art of asking “why” questions.  ~Nathan & Aline Read more »

Happy 2014 From the Hive


Compassion is a “how” answer and awareness is a “why” answer, if you want to make the world a better place, giving more “how” answers is not going to solve any problems, it will just provide more of the same—and in some cases, entrench ourselves into deeper problems. “Why are we the way we are?” is a question that will bring in awareness, as it will create clarity and understanding about the beliefs and patterns […] Read more »